For almost 20 years old, UNINGÁ has conquer its place as one of the best University Centers in the South of the country. For 7 years in a row It has obtained a remark of 4 out of 5 in the General Index of Courses (IGC) for the evaluation of the Ministry of Education (MEC).

It is accredited by the Ministerial Drecree nº 776/2016 and it is a national reference on high quality teaching quality, offering distance undergraduation courses (ODL).

UNINGÁ offers courses in all areas of knowledge through face-to-face or distance learning and Every year brings innovations and quality of the facilities of new. UNINGÁ offers the best infrastructure to attend undergraduate and graduate students, with a campus with large and modern facilities that includes the Convention Center, three school farms, Agronomic Experimental Farm integrated to the campus, several laboratories of studies and scientific development, clinics in the different areas of health with public care, in addition to the UNINGÁ Memorial Hospital and the UNINGÁ Veterinary Clinic.


It is located in one of the best Brazilian cities of planning and quality of life, UNINGÁ attracts not only students from all over Brazil, but from several countries, for its receptivity and excellent teaching structure.

In addition to undergraduate courses, UNINGÁ offers a wide range of specialization (lato sensu) and also holds the Master’s Program in Dentistry under the stricto sensu postgraduate course.


Institutional mission

“From the perspective of the present we project the future, we’re committed to education and technical-scientific development, besides being articulated with the reason and action of the social man.”


Institutional vision

“To be recognized as a benchmark of excellence in teaching, research and extension by the scientific community and society in general”


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