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Concentration Areas and Research Lines        

Concentration Area:

Description: Study of the diagnosis, prevention and correction of dental malocclusions and skeletal and dentofacial discrepancies aiming to obtain and maintain normal occlusal relationships in functional, esthetic and physiological harmony with facial structures.

Research Line:

Description: Clinical studies involving the diagnosis, protocols and orthodontic treatment planning of different malocclusions, comparing the results of these approaches and observing long-term stability and relapse. Laboratorial research for testing and developing new materials or modifications to improve the physical, chemical and biological properties of different dental materials.

Dra Karina Maria Salvatore de Freitas
Practice areas:

  • Treatment of Class II and Class III malocclusions
  • Transversal discrepancies
  • Stability and relapse
  • Profile and smile attractiveness
  • Self-ligating brackets and their effects
  • Orthodontic-surgical treatment
  • Bracket adhesion and different types of orthodontic adhesives

Dr Fabricio Pinelli Valarelli
Practice areas:

  • Anterior open bite
  • Dentofacial orthopedics
  • Treatment of Class II and Class III malocclusions
  • Profile and smile attractiveness
  • Skeletal anchorage

Dra Célia Regina Maio Pinzan-Vercelino
Practice areas:

  • Preventive and interceptive orthodontics;
  • dentofacial orthopedics;
  • Treatment of transverse maxillary discrepancy;
  • Treatment of Class I, Class II and Class III malocclusions;
  • smile attractiveness

Dra Paula Cotrin
Practice areas:

  • Stability and recurrence;
  • Profile and smile attractiveness;
  • Attractiveness of brackets and different types of orthodontic adhesives;
  • orthodontic aligners

Concentration area:

Description: Studies concerning the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of oral function, comfort, appearance and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with the lack of one or more teeth and oral and maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes.

Research Line:

Description: Clinical studies evaluating the effectiveness of different rehabilitation techniques and different dental materials used to restore the shape, function and esthetics of the dentition, compared with clinical studies to certify and discuss its effectiveness. Laboratorial research aims to develop new restorative materials and protocols for adhesion to the dental structure or fixation in dental implants, to promote better mechanical, chemical and biological performance, contributing to clinical success.

Dr Daniel Sundfeld Neto
Practice areas:

  • Adhesion to dental ceramics,
  • Adhesion to dental tissues,
  • Durability of prosthetic components

Dra Nubia Pini
Practice areas:

  • Adhesion to the dental structure
  • De-remineralization of tissues,
  • Wear and color evaluation of restorative materials,
  • Applicability of the chitosan biopolymer in dental materials

Dr Giancarlo de la Torres Canales
Practice areas:

  • Treatment of temporomandibular disorders (joint and muscle);
  • Phenotypes in Orofacial Pain;
  • Therapies for the control of sleep and wake bruxism

Dra Mariana Barbosa Câmara de Souza
Practice areas:

  • Management and prevalence of sleep-wake bruxism;
  • Impact of oral rehabilitation on masticatory function and quality of life;
  • Dental ceramics;
  • Oral rehabilitation in digital flow

Research Line:

Description: Clinical study of the procedures performed for orofacial harmonization alone or after orthodontic treatment and its benefits, and laboratorial study of the biomaterials used in this area.

Dra Karina Maria Salvatore de Freitas
Practice areas:

  • Orofacial harmonization after orthodontic treatment,
  • esthetics,
  • botulinum toxin

Dra Renata Cristina Gobbi de Oliveira
Practice areas:

  • orofacial harmonization,
  • esthetics,
  • botulinum toxin,
  • facial filling

Dr Ricardo Cesar Gobbi de Oliveira
Practice areas:

  • Orofacial harmonization,
  • Esthetics,
  • Support wires

Dra Célia Marisa Rizzatti Barbosa
Practice areas:

  • Hyaluronic acid;
  • Botulinum toxin;
  • Use of threads for biostimulation and lifting

Dr Giancarlo de la Torres Canales
Practice areas:

  • Botulinum toxin in orofacial pain (TMD, neuropathic pain, headache);
  • Botulinum toxin aesthetic applications (analysis of duration and effectiveness);
  • Rheological analysis of hyaluronic acid-based facial fillers;
  • Facial threads: histological analyzes

Dr Mariana Barbosa Câmara de Souza
Practice areas:

  • Botulinum toxin;
  • Fillers based on hyaluronic acid;
  • Solid and liquid biostimulators;
  • Skin management techniques

Concentration area:

Description: Study of the installation, planning, complications and diagnosis of diseases related to dental implants, as well as surface characteristics, biomaterials and prosthetic components that can influence the oral rehabilitation of patients with the use of osseointegrated implants.

Research Line:
Description: Clinical, experimental and laboratorial studies involving dental implants, prosthetic components, behavior of biomaterials, influence of different surface treatments and response to peri-implant therapies.

Dra Samira Salmeron
Practice areas:

  • Peri-implant diseases and bone regeneration
  • bone regeneration

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