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Egress Profile                  

The Professional Master’s in Dentistry at UNINGÁ trains professionals capable of developing scientific research and projects aimed at innovating techniques and procedures, in the areas of Orthodontics, Dental Prosthesis and Implantology applicable to the needs of society and companies. It also aims to train the graduate student in activities articulated between the teaching, research and extension tripod. The program provides this training through activities such as the Teaching and Community Integration Program (PIESC), which are extension activities foreseen in the Institution’s PDI for all undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, the articulation with teaching takes place through the Teaching Internship, which covers activities in undergraduate subjects. The post-graduate student’s innovative and technical / technological and scientific production profile occurs through activities that enable and stimulate creativity to develop new products, techniques, protocols and treatments, corresponding to the needs of the dental community, patients and Dentistry companies.

The excellent technical-scientific training of the egress allows these professionals to develop transformative actions for society, in serving the public, exercising management and entrepreneurial actions. In addition, egresses are able to teach, train human resources, plan new public policies appropriate to the needs of the society.

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