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The NEW CAMPUS of the Centro Universitário Ingá UNINGÁ was inaugurated on April 15, 2013. In a prime area of ​​Maringá, the campus has approximately 40,000 square meters of buildings.

The Centro Universitário Ingá UNINGÁ has a General Course Index (IGC) 4, an excellent index, obtained by a few private institutions in the country.

The new campus has more than 20 laboratories and laboratory BLOCKS from different areas and specialties, in addition to the specific laboratories of the Professional Master’s in Dentistry.

In addition, more than 90 classrooms, all equipped with televisions and / or multimedia design and air conditioning. It has space and structure that allows full stay on campus (community center, restaurant, pharmacy, bank, among others).

Despite the new construction, the acquisition of new equipment and materials and the logistical advances that offer an excellent structure for the next three years, until the year 2012 the professional master’s program had another good infrastructure, all acclimatized, being:


  1. Graduate Laboratory. Built area: 26.46 m2 – With implant motors, contra-angles, mini-equipment, various cabinets, consumables, etc;

  2. Dental Prosthesis Research Laboratory. Area of ​​38mm2. Computerized with internet access, with EMIC DL500 Test Machine that can be applied in all classes of materials, such as: Metals and Alloys; Polymers; Ceramics; Composites; Biomaterials; Advanced Materials, printer, equipment for cutting the IsoMet 100 (BUEHLER) and Polishing Poles METASERV 250 SANDER / POLITIZER. ERIOS – 11000 – Plus mechanical fatigue simulator, digital caliper (Mitutoyo), Vita Easy Shade spectrophotometer (VITA, Polishing Machine (lathe), vibrator, stereoscopic magnifying glass, precision scale, vacuum spatula, micro etcher, thermoplasticizer, refrigerator for storing materials, acrylic polymerizer, refrigerator, stove, digital torque wrench, cabinet, vacuum bench hydraulic spatulator, among others;;

  3. Research Laboratory – Orthodontics (Block C). Built area: 37 m2 Being computerized with internet access and containing important equipment for orthodontics, such as an exclusive camera for photographing patients, a program for radiographic and 3D planning and tracing for computerized tomography measurement (Dolphin Imaging), radiography scanner, multimedia projector, bathtubs with heating for Typodont, table negatoscopes for radiographic tracings, dental equipment for laboratories and chairs, precision scale, VITA Easyshade spectrophotometer, (1) Universal Testing Machine, model: DL500, electromechanical, microprocessed, EMIC brand, (1) ERIOS fatigue machine, among others.

  4. Pre-Clinical Laboratory 1: Built area 85.05 m2 – It has (32) dental mannequins, centrifuge for metal casting, several dental equipment for laboratories, torches, refrigerators and others;

  5. Pre-Clinical Laboratory 2: Built area: 83.88 m2 – Same as item 3;

  6. Dental Clinic / Postgraduate / Urgency / Support Area for Dental Prosthesis. Built area: 296 m2 – With amalgamators, anodizers, X-ray devices, dark rooms, medical oxygen cylinders, computers, prosthetic eyeliner, 60 dental equipment, etc.


  1. Pathology Laboratory. Built area: 20.10 m2 – Has cabinets, culture greenhouse, microscopes, refrigerators, histological plates and others;

  2. LMicrobiology Laboratory. Built area: 87.38 m2 -With water distiller, complete glassware, culture greenhouses, microbiological analysis materials, etc;

  3. Biochemistry Laboratory. Built area: 78.88 m2 – With several cabinets, magnetic stirrers with and without heating, analytical scales, complete glassware, distillers, spectrophotometers, etc;

  4. Cell Biology Laboratory. Built area: 85 m2 – Has several cabinets, greenhouses, air hoods, refrigerators, laminators, complete glassware, among others;

  5. Laboratory of Clinical Microbiology, Mycology and Hematology. Built area: 87 m2 – Provides high vertical key, analytical scales, complete glassware, vertical laminar flow hood, drying and sterilization hood, colony counters, greenhouses, microwaves, refrigerators and others;

  6. Laboratory of Human Physiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology. Built area: 87 m2 – Has analytical balance, water distillers, Bunsem nozzles, agitators, mats, infusion pumps, consumables, etc;

  7. Laboratory of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Bromatology. Built area: 87 m2 – Has agitators, magnetic heaters, vertical autoclave, analytical scale with chapel, among others;

  8. Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy. Built area: 87 m2 – Has complete glassware, consumables (substances, acids, solutions, etc.) complete for all experiments;

  9. Clinical Laboratory. Built area: 87 m2

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  10. Animal Experimentation Laboratory – Vivarium. Built area: 50 m2 – Containing cages for accommodation of animals, shelves, lighting timers, air conditioners, etc;

  11. Radiology Laboratory. Built area: 16.79 m2 – X-ray devices, benches, device for radiographic processing, etc;

  12. Microscopy Laboratory. Built area: 82.72 m2 – with benches, microscopes, complete laminates, among others;

Computer resources

Centro Universitário Ingá UNINGÁ has a large computer lab. With an area of ​​87 m2, it has seventy (70) microcomputers * that contain most of the programs used by undergraduate and graduate students, such as; Microsoft Office 2007 and its applications, as well as image manipulation programs such as Photoshop, Corel Draw and others. The laboratory also has a printer and an air-conditioned environment. Additionally, it is noteworthy that the computers are equipped with the HUMEM VIRTUAL software, developed by the Faculty of Medicine of São Paulo – USP.

The new campus has a computer BLOCK, with 5 laboratories and more than 200 computers equipped for documentary and statistical research and analysis.

It is noteworthy that each laboratory has a technical collaborator, who provides support to academics and teachers, when requested, in addition to taking care of the maintenance of equipment and the laboratory as a whole.

The campus has a WIFI network in all locations, rooms, laboratories and a library, for open use by students and teachers. UNINGÁ has access to the CAPES Journal Portal, released to all undergraduate and graduate students at the Institution.


The Library of the Centro Universitário Ingá UNINGÁ aims to serve the academic and external community in their needs regarding teaching, research, extension and administration.

The library’s mission is to serve the external community through consultation and research services to the bibliographic collection and the academic community of the Centro Universitário Ingá UNINGÁ, making available the loan of cataloged works.

The services provided by the Library of the Centro Universitário Ingá UNINGÁ are coordinated by a specialized librarian, who organizes the services of selection, acquisition, technical processing, classification and dissemination of the collection. The Center Library
Universitário Ingá UNINGÁ is responsible for: gathering, organizing, classifying, cataloging, storing and disseminating the collection, keeping the collection up-to-date, promoting exchange with other libraries, documentation centers, universities and other technical, scientific and cultural institutions, national and foreign , optimizing the use of available bibliographic material.

The UNINGÁ Library is directly linked to the Rectory, which seeks to give agility and dynamism to the maintenance, formation and updating of its collection, acting with acquisition, donation and exchange. It has a technique and nine auxiliaries. The library is equipped with an anti-theft system, occupies an area of ​​1,567.00 m2, for the distribution of its collection, administrative space, individual stalls, collective study rooms for up to eight people and round tables to consult the collection, which totals 44,833 physical books. A total of 6,854 titles. It has a totem for research and makes twenty computers available for consultation.

It also makes EBSCO available. It also has a partnership with Pearson, BDTD, Bibliomed, Google academics, CAPES Portal of journals and Scielo. Access to EBSCO portals and CAPES journals via wi-fi throughout the campus, as well as remote access by teachers and students through login and password.

Video library:

In the Library premises there is a space reserved for the Video Library with free access. Thus, the academic and external communities can access the Video Library of Faculdade INGÁ, with previously scheduled times.

Other information

The new campus has a modern structure. All undergraduate and graduate classes have air-conditioned environments and are equipped with flat screen TV, multimedia projects and blackboard.

The graduate school has a special block where its activities are carried out with several auditoriums with cushioned chairs, flat-screen TVs, air conditioning.

The qualifications and dissertation defenses are carried out in auditoriums specially prepared for this.

UNINGÁ has on its new campus 3 larger auditoriums for scientific events of greater magnitude. The professional Master’s in Dentistry has two laboratories exclusive to the program, in addition to having a pre-clinical and clinical structure
dentistry in conjunction with graduation in Dentistry.

In the M Block, the institution offers individual rooms for teachers, a space for socializing and leisure and an area for individual assistance to master students.

In Block C there is a room for the General Coordination of the Stricto Sensu Programs, the Coordination Room for the Dentistry Program, a meeting room and four exclusive mini amphitheaters for your stricto sensu programs: Cora Coralina Mini-auditorium
(39.84 m2), Érico Verissímo Mini-Auditorium (51.84 m2), Fernando Pessoa Mini-auditorium (30.84 m2) and Mário Quintana Mini-auditorium (33.55 m2), with administrative space, four bwcs, and a living area.

In block G, it offers four classrooms and an exclusive computer room for students of the IES Stricto Sensu Programs.

It also has four more laboratories with 20 computers each to meet the demands of the Program in Block H.

In the Rectory building it houses the Academic Secretary of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies and the Protocol. Located on PR 317, the campus occupies an area of ​​6 bushels, with a built area of ​​188.6.

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